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Some of the front entry tiles were cracked and needed to be replaced. The entry tile repair we believe was due to an original faulty install of the tile to begin with. We believe the original tile person put thin set mortar on the plywood sub floor and then laid the tile on that. The plywood sucked all the moisture out of the thin set mortar and caused the tile not to adhere properly.

We began our tile replacement job by 1st taking up the entire tile flooring. Then the dry brittle thin set mortar was easily removed.  We now had a nice smooth surface to work with. We placed a thin coating of thin set mortar on the sub floor and put our wonderboard (cement board) down on that.  (Wonderboard comes in difference thickness; it can be ¼ to ½ inch thick.  It is sold in 3×5 sheets).  We went with the ¼ inch cement board.  The wonderboard has to be screwed in place with its very own special screws.  The head of the screw is a little bit bigger than a regular screw. The wonderboard has little dots telling you where to put the screws. There are about 54 screws per 3×5 sheet. Once the wonderboard was all in place, we made a chalk line so we would have a straight line to start with.  Next we covered our wonderboard with thin set mortar and placed our tiles down.  To keep the tiles evenly spaced you use little spacers. We let the tile set up over night. The next day we were able to put the grout in.   We used a product called- TEC® Power Grout®.  It is a breakthrough in grout technology. It maximizes performance while providing ease of use. Its unique formulation is highly stain resistant and provides strong, color consistent joints by resisting efflorescence, fading, cracking and shrinking.  The grout has to dry over night. The next day we were able to wash the grout residue off the tile. We also had to replace the rugtransition strip. Now the main entry has new tile, looks great and will last forever.