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Keeping Your Worcester Home Or Office Germ Free

...and Control!

🕙 - January 15, 2023    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

It’s getting pretty crazy out there these days. So much going on in every area over which we have little control. It’s almost like you gotta' just be aware and stay out of the line of fire!

So what to do? Well, you do what you can. In other words, you control the things you can control and let the rest go.

Take health. So much talk and what not on healthcare it makes your head spin. BUT… there are precautions you can take to stay OUT of the healthcare system. Seriously. Who wants to go to the ER for a cough or the flu or even Covid?

We know that germs and contact with folks who may carry these germs are the culprit. And while it’s literally impossible to “clean the world”, it IS a smart thing to keep your living area clean and more importantly, disinfected. And that’s the exactly what we do. Every day—at every location we visit, our expert cleaning and disinfecting teams turn “questionable germ traps" into pristine, germ-free, health/safety zones. Mission accomplished!

Whether it’s the run-of-the-mill flu—which is not deadly but certainly a thing to avoid if possible, or anything else just as serious, proper cleaning and disinfecting processes can significantly limit your exposure to these germs.

Same thing with RSV and Covid-19. It’s a germ, germ, germ, germ world. And when the enemy is something unseen—as these germs are to the naked eye, there’s a specific procedure that must taken to eradicate the unseen. First, you call the Wordester Covid Cleaning & Disinfecting experts, and the rest goes something like this:

We arrive at a job address to carry out our usual clean/disinfect routine; we carefully follow a specific process to make absolutely certain we de-contaminate every surface in order to keep your living or work space as germ-free as possible and the inhabitants as unaffected as can possibly be. In this way we control what would ordinarily be a “health guessing game” into a safe zone free of the viral entities that result in illness. And the feedback is always the same: Worcester County Folks Are "In The Clouds" When We Leave!

So control what you can and let us make your living space as safe as can be while you mask up for every other location. Call us today to learn how well we do our job and how serious and courteous we are in the process.

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