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We wanted to tell you about the INCREDIBLE SERVICE folks get with Brand-NU, but we thought it best of we let our customers do the talking instead!


CUSTOMER: Phil Trapasso
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 10/25/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "I called Brand-nu on Thursday, desparate for services before Monday. The response was just what I needed, they were there on Saturday and did an amazing thorough cleaning. From the moment I called, this cleaning service was professional and efficient. I will use them again and recommend them for excellent cleaning services."
WE REPLIED: Phil thank you so much for the work it was greatly appreciated. Glad we were available to help you so quickly.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 9/3/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: ** This customer left only a Five Star rating **
WE REPLIED: Thanks Jim for the awesome Five Star Cleaning review. It was great working with you.


CUSTOMER: "Square" User
RATED US: Quality, Thoroughness, Timeliness
WHEN: 8/3/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Marguerite's (owner) service was very personalized. I give her high marks for good communication and honesty. Her workers followed her direction. I will be using this Company again for additional cleaning services."


CUSTOMER: Donald Oconnor
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 8/13/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "I've used this company for two jobs within the last 10 days... The first job was a big one... I was thrilled with the service and the job they did... A couple days ago I had them come back and do the second job to finish my project... Again, I was thrilled with the service and the job they did.
Going forward, I'm making arrangements to have them come back for monthly maid services.
Up until 3 weeks ago... I was unfamiliar with this company... I found them by searching for this type of company online... They did live up to the promises they make on their website.
I'm very happy I found them and they lived up to their website promises... I'm happy to give them this review because they do deserve it.
– Don"
WE REPLIED: Don thank you so much for the wonderful review! You're such a great guy and I'm so glad we could get you back on track! Looking forward to working with you for many years to come.


CUSTOMER: Hilary Parsons
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 07/29/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: ** This user only left a rating ** – 5 Stars!
WE REPLIED: Thank you Hilary for the nice 5-star review. Good luck in your new adventure out west!


CUSTOMER: Christine Scott
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 07/19/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "The job far exceeded my expectations. She cleaned everything plus more. They were very professional and personable. I will definitely use them again."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Chris. Glad to be of assistance. Looking forward to cleaning for you again.


CUSTOMER: Natalie Matthews
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 06/21/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "We had a deep cleaning service done on our home and it was money very well spent! Marguerite was so great to work with in getting this scheduled; she was very responsive and clear in her communication. The team of Maria and Samantha did a wonderful job and left our home feeling nice and fresh. I'd definitely recommend using Brand-Nu!"
WE REPLIED: Natalie thank you for the kind words Maria and Samanta are wonderful cleaning specialists. Looking forward to working with you again one day.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 06/12/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Maria is a heaven sent angel! My house looks amazing! Incredible attention to detail and added special touches. Owner is wonderful, great communicator. As a whole the service greatly exceeded my expectations. Worth every penny, would hire this company again."
WE REPLIED: Chloe, thanks so much for letting us make another customer happy!


CUSTOMER: Jonathan Noble
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 06/12/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. They were friendly and did a good job in a timely manner."
WE REPLIED: Jonathan, thank you so much for the work and the kind words. We enjoyed cleaning for you.


CUSTOMER: Nicole Rajcewicz
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/22/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Very professional and flexible. Communication was excellent and timely. Maria the cleaner was on time and did a wonderful job. Will definitely use this company again when needed and will recommend to anyone I know!"
WE REPLIED: Nicole thanks for the excellent review. We enjoyed working with you and we look forward to working with you again!


CUSTOMER: Toni Marie Manning
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 3/26/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Maria is the ABSOLUTE best! She never stopped all day and my home looks AMAZING!! I will absolutely reuse this company! 10 stars!"
WE REPLIED: Thank you Toni. It always makes us happy to hear when our clients are pleased with our service.


CUSTOMER: Kara Kowalczyk
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 3/19/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Marguerite returned my call within an hour of emailing her. She is extremely friendly, timely, and detail oriented. I can’t recommend this company enough. She made a tough situation much easier to deal with and is extremely pleasant to work with. Thanks!"
WE REPLIED: Kara you were awesome to work with. So glad to help!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 2/5/2021
WHAT THEY SAID: "Wonderful, thorough, did a great job. They did a Covid cleaning in my home. I will definitely use them again. Marguerite was great to talk to and work with."
WE REPLIED: So glad to help Ann. Great working with You.


CUSTOMER: Mia McDonald
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 11/29/2020
WHAT THEY SAID: "My house looks amazing! I’ve been fortunate to keep my job through this crazy season, but it meant I had no time for spring cleaning. Fast forward to November and the walls look like we forgot to take down the Halloween decorations. Brand-Nu came in to clean the walls, floorboards, fixtures and lamps that have accrued over a year of dusty buildup. My house is brighter and feels more warm and welcoming. I also feel more calm without the weight of the dirty walls looking over me. Thank you so much!!!"
WE REPLIED: Mia thanks for the honest review. It was awesome working with you. Looking forward to working with you again one day.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 9/26/2020
WHAT THEY SAID: "I am very impressed with this company. I had high anxiety about letting people in my apartment but they were very professional, understanding and so kind that I quickly felt at ease. They had a big job to do and they went above and beyond. This is the first cleaning service I have used and they will be the only one I use. I was quoted an estimated price and I thought I'd be charged the upper end of the price range but I wasn't. This is a very honest company. I'm really pleased with how clean they made my apartment. Let them do your cleaning, you won't be disappointed."
WE REPLIED: Kelly - Thank you so much for the work. It's our pleasure to help you. Looking forward to working with you again soon.


CUSTOMER: Irma Garcia
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 9/22/2020
WHAT THEY SAID: "Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Marguerite is a pleasure to talk to. She is very professional and personal, I love a company that is well rounded and very personal with all clients. Thank you so much Ms. Marguerite."

WE REPLIED: Ms. Irma, Thanks for the kind words!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 12/15/2019
WHAT THEY SAID: "We were embarrassed as to how much housework we were behind on and our home needed a deep cleaning before we hosted a holiday. Marguerite was very responsive and made scheduling easy. Our home was spotless after our cleaning."
WE REPLIED: Deirdre, thanks for the work! It was really nice working for you!


CUSTOMER: Zubair Murtaza
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 11/2019
WHAT THEY SAID: "Superb service on fixing our kitchen faucets from the start, from calling and getting advise, to scheduling, to beautiful convenient outcome. Thank you!"
WE REPLIED: So happy you are happy! Thank you!


CUSTOMER: Evelyn LaCroix
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 3/2019
WHAT THEY SAID: "I couldn’t ask for better service. Margaritte contacted me within an hour of receiving my inquiry and showed up the same day to give me a quote. The cleaning team came today to clean my bathrooms for the first time and they did an amazing job. I highly recommend Brand-Nu Janitorial Service!"
WE REPLIED: Evelyn. Thank you! It's great working with you. Glad we could help.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 8/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "Hard working and Reliable! I've worked with Marguerite for over 5 years now cleaning a 48 bed house for college students. Her team is hard working and the property looks great when they're done."
WE REPLIED: Tim we enjoy working with you too. Thanks


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 7/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "Top quality service right here. They did excellent work giving our pizza restaurant in Holden, MA a fresh deep clean. Fantastic."
WE REPLIED: Thanks it was a pleasure working for you and I so enjoy your food!


CUSTOMER: Raymond Leroux
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 12/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "Fast, reliable, and did an awesome job in a large commercial kitchen"
WE REPLIED: Glad to help. Thanks you for the work!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "Easy to set up the service. Fast results with fair pricing. Would request again."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Rob, it was great working with you.


CUSTOMER: Stephen LaPointe
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "I recently finished a remodeling project and needed a post construction cleaning. I contacted Brand New janitorial services and Marguerite came promptly . She knew her business and gave me a quote on the spot. We scheduled the work for a Friday but circumstances dictated rescheduling a day earlier. She went out of her way to adjust her appointments to accommodate me. Her crew came on the appointed day and worked non stop until they were finished. They did an outstanding job. I highly recommend you call them for your next cleaning project."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Stephen glad to help out.


CUSTOMER: Diana Silva
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "If you use Brand-Nu Janitorial you'll never need to look for another cleaning service again! Marguerite came to my apartment and did a thorough and realistic appraisal of what it would cost to do a 'deep clean.' There were no hidden or surprise costs and the team came in and did an awesome job! They texted me and let me know their progress and asked my permission to go over the time allotted and I agreed. When I came home my apartment was spotless! Marguerite's team was also very mindful and respectful of my two cats. Because of the great job they did and the honesty and professionalism of Marguerite, I am having Brand-Nu Janitorial Service come every month!"
WE REPLIED: Thanks Diana. Great to work with you.


CUSTOMER: Jillian Levy
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "Extremely disappointed with this group of cleaners. We hired them to clean our house before we moved in. The house was barely touched. There was hair/dust in the cabinets, shower/bathroom when we walked in. They washed the floor in this gross material that left a thick film. We had to call them back a second time and it wasn't worth it. Absolutely would NOT recommend them."
WE REPLIED: Hi It's Marguerite, it's been a very long time, still no word from this person. “Hi, Jillian Levy, We take these matters very seriously, unfortunately , we have no record or recollection of any customer experience fitting this account, nor can we verify anything about your identity from your name in our records. If you were a client of ours, we would like to investigate this issue further, please contact Marguerite Cormier immediately at brandnujs@gmail.com so that we can resolve this issue immediately.” Thanks.


CUSTOMER: Parag Mujumdar
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 4/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "We needed handyman services for few fixes in our home. It was great working with Margueritte and Bill! Bill arrived our home at scheduled time and did excellent job fixing our home doors and few other things. I strongly recommend them for your household Handyman needs!"
WE REPLIED: Glad to help. Looking forward to working with you again.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 4/2017
WHAT THEY SAID: "Brand-Nu-Janitorial is a great service and Marguerite is a pleasure to deal with. I needed to have my garbage disposal replaced and Marguerite was able to get the handyman to schedule the time with my tenant, check out the current garbage disposal unit, go buy a new one from Home Depot (along with new replacement parts - pipings and such) and have it replaced in just a couple of days. All I had to do was call Marguerite and the rest was taken care of. My tenant was satisfied and I was satisfied. Hopefully nothing goes wrong in the condo again :), but if it does, I'll be sure to call Brand-Nu Janitorial Service...Keep up the great work!"
WE REPLIED: Thank you Omer for the review. It's greatly appreciated!


CUSTOMER: Kate Kenny
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 4/2017
WHAT THEY SAID: "I used Brand-Nu Janitorial Service to clean my condo before selling it. Marguerite was highly professional and courteous, and I was told by my realtor that they did an amazing job. Thank you so much!"
WE REPLIED: Your welcome Kate! Thanks for the work!


CUSTOMER: Joseph Bagshaw
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "I recently employed Brand-Nu to clean my house before I put it up for sale. The crew that Margaritte sent worked tirelessly for several hours and left the house spotless. I strongly recommend Brand Nu to anyone in need of top quality cleaning service."
WE REPLIED: Joseph thank you so much for the kind words!


CUSTOMER: Amber Tatum
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2018
WHAT THEY SAID: "The service I received from Brand-Nu was exceptional. The team is extremely professional and the owner was very accommodating to my requests. She explained the service I would be receiving in detail and explained why she was making recommendations on using certain products. This gave me piece of mind that the work would be done right! I would highly recommend this service to my friends and family!"
WE REPLIED: Amber thank you so much for the kind words. It's greatly appreciated!


CUSTOMER: S. Davagian
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 6/2015
WHAT THEY SAID: "I recently used Brand-Nu for their handyman services, and they did a fantastic job! Marguerite helped schedule the service, and I received very prompt responses from her whenever I had a question. Bill was the one who completed the work and he was great - professional and personable. He explained everything thoroughly, and made sure everything was working 100% before he finished up (which included getting an extra part I didn't know I needed). He even cleaned everything and swept the floor before he left. I'm very happy with the work - I will definitely be recommending Brand-Nu to friends and family. Thank you!"
WE REPLIED: Thanks Sara D! We also enjoyed working with you!


CUSTOMER: Alexi Ganias
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 6/2015
WHAT THEY SAID: "Went above and beyond to make sure they did an amazing job. Will definitely use again for my cleaning services. "
WE REPLIED: Thank you, it was nice working with you.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN: 5/2016
WHAT THEY SAID: "We had a shed in need of a good cleaning, and Brand-Nu Janitorial Service did a great job with it. Marguerite returned my call quickly, on a weekend, provided a quote, and in a couple days sent a member of her staff over. The job was finished quickly, on-budget, and was overall stress-free. Definitely give Brand-Nu Janitorial a call."
WE REPLIED: Tom thank you for kind words. We enjoyed working with you!


CUSTOMER: Lee Nieves
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I would highly recommend this company! The rates are responsible. They did an AMAZING job. Will definitely use them again! A++++++."
WE REPLIED: Thanks so much for the kind words! We look forward to working with you soon!


CUSTOMER: Chris Parker
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Marguerite was terrific. She replied to my call promptly, was able to give me a quote right away, and to schedule a team to clean my son's college apartment on very short notice. The team arrived on time, were very courteous and professional, did an excellent job cleaning the apartment, and the bill was a little less than what Marguerite has estimated. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Maguerite and your team for doing a great job."
WE REPLIED: Thank you Chris. I really appreciate the compliments and I will pass them on to my team that did the cleaning!


CUSTOMER: Jacqui Trotta
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I have used Brand-Nu Janitorial Services twice now and they did an excellent job. They are highly responsive and get the work done fast. I needed ceilings painted in a condo and a front door lock fixed and they took care of both right away and for a reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend Brand-Nu for Handyman services."
WE REPLIED: Jacqui your review is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "We recently called on Marguerite to get the long neglected bathrooms at our new warehouse facility taken care of. Edy did a fabulous job cleaning toilets and sinks we thought might be beyond hope-- the fixtures look brand new and we saved a ton on replacement costs! Both Marguerite and Edy were prompt and friendly. We'll definitely be using Brand-Nu for our future cleaning needs."
WE REPLIED: Thanks J. It's great to work with you!


CUSTOMER: Cheryl Gendron
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Used this company for a home repair...work was done in a reasonable amount of time and done well...would highly recommend"
WE REPLIED: Thanks for the nice review.


CUSTOMER: John Agbey
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Brand Nu, the name says it all. They completely restored and sanitised a mouse infested summer home of mine! Professional, fast service. They were able to fit me in with only a 2 day notice!! Not to set up expectations like this for everyone all the time, it can't always happen like that, but in a busy week of theirs they squeezed me in in my urgent and tough schedule. Will be continuing business with these guys and these guys only as well as referring them to anyone I know."
WE REPLIED: Thanks John looking forward to working with you again soon!


CUSTOMER: Anthony Coffone
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Fast, EXTREMELY THOROUGH, Attention to detail, pleasant to communicate. Would hire again w/in a heartbeat."
WE REPLIED: Thank you.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "They are very responsive and scheduled quickly, got job done right! Will use their service again!"
WE REPLIED: Thanks for the work.


CUSTOMER: Valerie McDonald
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Very professional and did an outstanding job."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Valerie looking forward to working with you again one day!


CUSTOMER: Louise Wong
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Reasonable price, professional , love it. The customer service is wonderful, friendly and try very hard to help me. I will definitely call them again if I have any problem in my condo."
WE REPLIED: Thanks! We enjoyed working with you!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I've used Marguerite's Brand-Nu Janitorial Services for multiple projects, most recently an issue with bathroom lighting. Again a very easy process with no issues and quick turnaround. Thanks so much!"
WE REPLIED: Nate your review is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Nate thank you so much for your review! It's greatly appreciated and I look forward to working with you again in the future!


CUSTOMER: Craig Buermann
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHEN:5/2018 Brand Nu tackled the toughest of all projects, a (3) unit apartment building that had housed 9 college students for a full year. Came in and left the place sparkling, great service!"
WE REPLIED: Craig it was great working with you! Looking forward to helping you again in the future!


CUSTOMER: Elizabeth Rawson
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "We hired Brand-Nu for several projects at our rental property. Overall great experience! Very professional, reliable, and they do excellent work. Will be using again for both our rental and home. Thanks Marguerite!"
WE REPLIED: Liz thanks so much. We look forward to doing more work with you soon!


CUSTOMER: Peter Roman
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "II was recommended Brand-Nu by my Condo association. I couldn't be happier with the customer service and work they completed. I talked with the manager numerous times about the work to be done, and unlike a lot of other companies and guys out there, they really worked to understand the situation. Jimmy showed up early, took his time, and double checked his work. Everyone I talked to from Brand-Nu was extremely courteous. I will definitely use them again."
WE REPLIED: We look forward to working with you again!


CUSTOMER: Kevin McSweeney
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Very happy with the services provided. They had to unclog a disposal. They were responsive and reasonably priced."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Kevin! Glad to help.


CUSTOMER: Xiang-jin Song
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I used Brand-Nu twice for the repairs in my apartment. Jobs were done with no issues. I especially like the way to communicate with them for scheduling. Marguerite was very patient and tried to meet our needs."
WE REPLIED: Thank you!


CUSTOMER: Susan Driscoll
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Always a great job! Work is done in a day or two of phone call. Would very highly recommend Marguerite and her team to take on any job."
WE REPLIED: Thanks Susan!


CUSTOMER: Jean-Phillippe Matondo
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "They are very professional and pay strict attention to even the smallest detail."
WE REPLIED: Thank you. It's a pleasure working with you.


CUSTOMER: Jessica Long
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "The services provided were timely and efficient. They communicated clearly and when the job was done, the service provider cleaned up the space."
WE REPLIED: Thanks! We enjoyed working with you!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Very high professional standards. Would recommend their service to anyone..."
WE REPLIED: Thanks! We look forward to working with you again!


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I have used this company by referral of my Codo Association. First time try and the managing lady tried very hard to schedule my service early as I hoped. Their handy man service finished the work within 3 days of my call. Fell good about the service and company, just want to share with you.
I used them this month for a plumbing service/repair. This time it was even better, the manager lady was able to schedule a work for second day and done the work ahead of scheduled time. The repair work was done in excellent condition. Satisfied completely. Thank you BNJS I called a service just very recently, I am sanctified with the service overall. As always a Five Star rating goes to Marguerite ad BNJS."

WE REPLIED: Shi we enjoyed working for you Thanks for the work!


CUSTOMER: Alessandroni62
RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "The job was done clean. It was done well. There was attention to detail, and I will not go to anyone else."
WE REPLIED: Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you again soon!


RATED US: ★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "I called their service for couple of issues in bathroom and sink. Though the service person took couple of days to attend the problem, he did a fairly decent job.The price was also reasonable"
WE REPLIED: Thanks for the valuable feedback, looking forward to working with you again in the future.


RATED US: ★★★★★
WHAT THEY SAID: "Very thorough and a great eye for detail. Thank you!"
WE REPLIED: Thanks so much Sam!



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