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5-Star Cleaning Worcester

Look... Another Five Star Cleaning Review Worcester!

🕙 - Oct 27, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Look... Another Five Star Cleaning Review Worcester! You know what they say: one customer who praises equals 20 others who are silently supportive.

So when Kelly M. says "I am very impressed with this company...", that represents 20 other folks who are impressed with our Worcester residential cleaning approach.

It's a well known statistic. It actually stems from the opposite. That is to say, "one bad review equals 10 others who haven't spoken up" is what they tell you in marketing 101. And yes, the positive is worth twice what the negative is. That's because people are twice as likely to complain about something as they are to compliment.

And people think we just clean things! While we do that very well, we also pay close attention to how we are received, because after all, we are coming into your home and/or business, so in order to be successful at what we do, like everyone else, we need feedback. With the importance of "clean" in the pandemic era, being considered a COVID-19 Cleaning Worcester expert is a badge of honor we wear proudly. And when it comes in the way of a 5-Star review, well, that just makes our day!

It would have the same effect on anyone in any situation, really. Think of getting that gold star as a kid, or that pat on the back from dad for a job well done. That's how good it feels for us when Kelly says "Let them do your cleaning, you won't be disappointed." We take COVID-19 Cleaning in Worcester very seriously and when we come across a customer who appreciates the benefits of a clean environment, well, we just have to ring that bell!

These days in the cleaning business–what with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are as busy as can be and that's another reason a great review like this is so valuable to us. It says that even when our workload has increased and our very activities have gone from the simple cleaning activities of "now you see it—now you don't" trick to remove dirt, grime and grease—which we do very well—to the added responsibility of COVID disinfecting, that we're still in top form. Making sure surfaces are cleaned in such a way as to provide a sense of calm and safety. Being keenly aware and always vigilant keeping the unseen COVID virus at bay is what we do best.

And finally, the last and maybe the most important reason for making a big deal about another 5-Star review: letting folks who haven't tried our services know that they can look forward to the same level of care and attention to detail that resulted in such a wonderful customer response. As locals, we have a theory about the benefits of a clean environment that is so much "common sense" that the results are evident. So when Kelly says "This is a very honest company", we can only thank her for spreading the news! We strive to be the best cleaners we can be every time we do a job. And in times of COVID lockdowns and people generally staying home more, it means they are paying even closer attention to the quality of our work and the careful way we go about it, and that's just fine with us!

So there you have it. A true win/win. Actually, there are as many "wins" as there are stars! To claim your very own 5-Star COVID-19 Cleaning in Worcester "win", give us a call today: (508) 756-8707.


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