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Gloomy Days and Shrewsbury COVID-19 Clean and Disinfect

Awww… It's Raining Out. Can't Clean Yourself Because...

🕙 - Nov. 9, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Awww… It's raining outside. Can't clean. It's too gloomy to clean in the rain of course. Who does that? Only people who are insanely obsessed with cleaning.

Wait… the sun came out. Time for frisbee! Clean tomorrow. Yeah yeah … important virus alert with cleaning taking on a new dimension blah blah blah… Frisbee in the sun!! Cleaning set for tomorrow.

Oh wait… I have that thing to do tomorrow … you know, that thing, right? So the weekend I'll give the place the once over… I know, I know... super important especially since COVID… yeah… know all about it…

Shall I go on? No need. You get it. Just because you really mean to do it, and you really want to do it, and you always feel real good about yourself after you actually do it–and what a great motivator, but… "not into it today" means maybe calling the Shrewsbury COVID-19 Clean and Disinfect experts to, well... give yourself a break!

So where does that leave us? You're ready to swallow you're "I'll get to it when I get to it" pride and do yourself a favor. Buy off that guilt. You heard me. Money solves a lot of things and if anything ever was, this is one of them.

Yeah… you said this fall you were really going to do some of this stuff yourself and save for a vacation. You can still save if you eat out less… There. Problem solved. The Shrewsbury COVID-19 Clean and Disinfect crew are standing by. Mops, gloves, masks and disinfectant at the ready. Got anything else?

Or this excuse we get all the time: You have your "particular way of doing things". Well you know what? So do we. You know what it is? It's "the way you want it done". That's right. Turns out you're not the only person out there who wants it done a certain way (don't take it too hard!), and we tell them the same thing: the way we do it is exactly how you want it done. And ya' wanna' know a little secret? That right there–that little "the customer gets what the customer wants" attitude is the key to our success in a nutshell. Add COVID AWARENESS to our success formula and we become the "second responders" fighting the world health crisis germ by germ, surface by surface.

We're the people who help the people.

We're the crew that does the dirty work so you can take it easy.

The cleaning company who goes out of our way—rain or shine—COVID phobic or just plain safe. We understand all of that and make sure your risk is as minimal as possible. Call for a super Shrewsbury COVID-19 Clean and Disinfect... because we don't know any other way! (508) 756-8707.


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