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Concord Mass Hoarding Mess

Hoarding: A Look Inside

🕙 - April 15, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Hoarding: A Look Inside This Concord Mass Hoarding Mess

We received a call from a friend, who has a friend who needs some help, so they called us, the Hoarding Clean Up Worcester experts. This is what we found.

My company, Brand-Nu Janitorial Service, will team up with a Company I manage, "All Clean" owned by Jeanne Burow to whip this hoarding place into shape! Hoarding clean up is so much more than just a cleaning job. It's someones life that has somehow taken a slight wrong turn. We do the work with compassion and a true concern for the person's "stuff" so they are not emotionally wracked by the Hoarding Clean Up Worcester folks have come to know as the ones who do the job with "personal attention" to the problem.

We worked together to get this really incredible place back to a home. It is located just outside Concord Ma.  It’s set back off the street with only an orange cone marking its entrance. We had to clip our way end.  Without all the litter it’s a beautiful 12 acre lot with a really nice home-or at least it was at one time.

We filled about 4-6 good size dumpsters and spend 100-200 labor hours getting this all cleaned up.

Maybe the most involved Hoarding Clean Up Worcester area has ever seen!

Call today: (508) 756-8707. We've got hoarding clean-up procedures ready to make a difference.


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