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Germs and How They Operate Amidst Holden Janitorial Service Pros

🕙 - January 15, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Germs wreak havoc in our world. Pretty amazing for something we can’t even see!

I sometimes wonder centuries ago—when germs were discovered, how the world accepted a “tiny world of life all around us we cannot see”. It would be like trying to convince people today there are invisible aliens all around us. Wouldn’t that be cool? Especially if they were really messy so it would be good for our business! But germs are about as good. Good for us, bad for you. When it comes to germs, we're experts at turning bad into good. It's how we've become the company to call for expert Holden Janitorial Service. And with our track record in half a dozen neighboring communities like Northborough, Shrewsbury, and West Boylston—to name a few—it's no wonder businesses in Holden are calling us based on our reputation alone.

But seriously, imagine trying to convince people that not only do germs exist, and not only are they everywhere, but they are responsible for illnesses. Must’ve been a real hard sell! A lot more difficult than trying to convince people of climate change. And speaking about convincing people, there's nothing like a good old testimonial, or what we used to call a "word of mouth" referral to let folks know how good our Holden Janitorial Service really is. From simple vacuuming, to general tidying up, all the way down to delivering the most sparkling, clean-smelling rest room your eyes and nose have ever had to pleasure to visit. Yes... it's all about consistent results that leave a lasting impression—especially when it comes to Holden businesses looking for the best Holden Janitorial Service that they can count on every time to do the most thorough cleaning job possible.

But back to the real topic here: germs. We all know they exist (unless some flat earthed/no germ-ers start banging their drum!) and they have a nasty little way of operating called a quorum. Hundreds of different germs are everywhere competing for survival, when any one reaches a majority, they move into action. They sit in wait until conditions are right to multiply, and when their numbers are up, they give the signal to CHARGE! And you know what the best way is to respond to germs as humans? Grab the phone and call us NOW: (508) 756-8707... so we can get there before they start to multiply to the extent that your nose starts telling you that there's a problem. Our reputation stands as a formidable Holden Janitorial Service wholly capable of eradicating germs along with all of the associated side-effects like stink, mold, and overall dirtiness.

Now, if those are stink germs in your bathroom, it’s time to give us a call. If they’re mold germs, they’ll take over pretty quickly. Give us a call. And watch out if those germs themselves have heard of Brand-Nu Janitorial Service, the premier Holden Janitorial Service that kicks their butts right out of existence, because that only makes our job easier. If they know we're coming, they get real nervous. Either way, their days are numbered and they'd better start calling whatever undertaker they use for germs.

I’ll bet that once people in the olden days eventually understood the concept of germs and learned funky smells too were caused by these unseen little demons, it became an accepted fact. But have you ever looked into a microscope for actual proof that germs exist for yourself? If not, go ahead and YouTube it, BUT... you'd better prepare yourself for the creepiest stuff you've ever seen—that is once you REALIZE those little critters are EVERYWHERE... all the time! Yup. Wow. But you can relax. We're on the job. The Holden Janitorial Service that has it all under control is a phone call away: (508) 756-8707. Germs are—and always will be—a part of everyday life. We're used to combatting them. But they’re getting “smarter” all the time. Able to mutate and evade eradication. Pretty smart little organisms indeed those germs are, what with the quorum and all. Even challenging professional Holden Janitorial Service experts like ourselves. Not to worry though, even if you don’t call us, it’ll be quite some time before they get smart enough to take the car out for a spin.


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