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It's A Jungle Out There... Thankfully Google Helps...

🕙 - August 16, 2022    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

It’s a jungle out there. A dirt and germs jungle.

Everyone… everything … every activity causes waste. Dirt. Germs. Clutter. And then it builds up… and then it’s left to fall into the “it’s not my problem” category. You know the one. Alternatively known as the “I ain’t cleaning that up” kind of a situation. Someone’s eventually got to do it. And that’s when we get the call.

Thanks to the ever-effective Google, we get recommended. That’s how we get the call. It’s not quite as simple as that. Google has a finely tuned method of delivering results that are accurate in terms of info, but more importantly, popular for all the right reasons. Their rationale is using something called "social proof" which is a concept that says if one or two or 5 or 20 people like a particular service, you will too. More specifically, Google offers up this:
Social Proof is a psychological effect that leads us to copy other people's behaviour. It has become an important part of how businesses communicate because it helps people choose who and what to trust online. In an uncertain environment, Social Proof provides a way for consumers to make better decisions.
So those are the types of companies Google places higher up in the search results. Ones that are in a sense "tried and true" and who have performed well in the Google Customer Reviews world.

Check out the page Google sends folks to when they search for the expert cleaning and disinfecting services we provide: Brand-Nu Janitorial Google Portal Page.

The fact is that Google looks at everything about a company/service. They rely heavily on the power of the people. In other words, reviews. Customer feedback. When a company consistently gets 5-star reviews from past customers, it weighs heavily for Google and proves a main factor for getting the coveted listing we enjoy when folks search on “Worcester home cleaning" for example. Have a look at the many Google reviews we've gotten over the years on our Happy Customers page. And you know what they say about reviews: One good review equals 20 other happy customers who do not submit a review.

Call us for personal service and let the Worcester Home Cleaning company with the super Google profile make your home or business a Google true story!

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