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Spring Cleaning Worcester

Tips to Jump Starting Your Spring Cleaning

🕙 - Mar 30, 2017    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

We still have a little bit of snow on the ground, but spring has officially arrived. With that being said, we thought providing some helpful spring cleaning tips might be useful this time of year. These tips will give you the chance to give your home a much cleaner and functional feel for the new season and perform the spring cleaning Worcester folks are all involved in at this time of year. Making sure you allocate time on your calendar for your spring cleaning is the first step!

Get Everyone Involved
Have others that live with you? Time to put them to work! Agree to divide and conquer the cleaning chores with consideration to everyone’s schedules and strengths. Planning what you intend to clean before you start and working to it is much better than starting one job and jumping to the next! Without a detailed list of the tasks, you will not be working in an organized manner, and that’s not the best way to achieve spring cleaning Worcester success. It is a good idea to list everything you will need to be cleaned by putting the highest priority on your list first. This way you will be sure to cover the most important first.

Some common chores during spring cleaning are washing curtains, cleaning windows, wiping window frames, removing cobwebs, scrubbing the oven, dusting ceiling fans, wiping cupboards, vacuuming carpets as well as many other things.

Set a standard for completing all tasks (cleaning the fridge isn’t just pushing leftovers to the back) and try to make every task as fun as possible. If you have little kids, pizza night or an extra hour of playing video games usually works like a charm as incentives to get them to help too.

Hire Professional Help
Sometimes there is just not enough time! Money well spent can be allotted in finding a reliable housekeeper or residential cleaning service provider. Consider it a present to yourself – and to your home for the upcoming new season: Become the spring cleaning Worcester experts on a budget! An even better present to yourself is hiring professional cleaners to come regularly, either daily or weekly to keep your home well maintained and in good condition all the time.

Designate a War Room
With so many things going on around this time of the year, it can be difficult to keep your entire house clean. A good way to remedy this situation is to choose a room where sloppiness will be tolerated; preferably one with a door that you can quickly shut if guests arrive. As you and your family complete other chores around the rest of the house, you can start to organize the mess in that room, and before you know it, you will all be able to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather together thanks to diligent spring cleaning Worcester efforts.


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