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The "Light Wipe and Go" is Bad for Worcester Residents

🕙 - September 17, 2021    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

We’re getting feedback from people who are not happy with a regular light wipe maid service that "the other guys" in town are regularly doling out...

Come to find, that's why they call us! They’re looking to have someone who cleans—and cleans really well where every surface is as clean as it can possibly be. No matter what it takes. Commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning or residential cleaning. We are pros in every cleaning situation. If lots of soaking and lots of scrubbing are what’s needed, then we take the time to make every area, every surface and every appliance look as clean as it can possibly be. It’s just how we do things. That is, instead of just light wiping everything for the fake look of cleaning "the other cleaning company" does!

You know the ones we’re referring to. The chains where marketing comes first and, "...oh by the way, we light wipe everything!!" But enough joking. The real difference is experience. Years of being on situations where we’ve pretty much cleaned just about everything short of a jet plane! And REALLY cleaned things to the super-shine state of "Wow, that looks like new"! What you might call the EXACT OPPOSITE of the woefully insufficient "light wipe and go" approach made famous by "the other guys". That's the real "secret" to our highly effective cleaning results.

And if you're at all concerned about COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting, worry no more! We are experts at bringing any space into the safe zone in terms of nasty bacteria. We leave surfaces fully protected using the approved, highly effective product known as Re-Juv-Nal®. A phosphate-free, pH neutral formulation. And just as the title of this post indicates, it's never just a light wipe and go, but instead, it's a careful application of this special product that does the trick to making an area COVID-19 safe.

Call us for personal service and get the "light wipers" out of your cleaning equation!

Worcester Mass. folks can contact us via text on a smartphone and we'll help you out. However, if you are on a regular computer, Or just give us a call at (508) 756-8707 and ask for Marguerite.


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