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Three Reasons to Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment Today

🕙 - April 24, 2017    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Is Your Carpet Cleaning Being Postponed?

This is the task that we say we are going to get around to do. We say we are manually going to scrub those carpets. We say we are going to go the supermarket one day and rent that cool machine to clean the carpet. Finally, we say we are going to call a professional to come and give a good cleaning to our carpets. However, in the end… we end up vacuuming ! Don’t let this happen to you: We are the carpet cleaning Worcester experts at your service: (508) 756-8707.

What we don’t realize is the more we put off this task the more dirt, bacteria and who knows what else continues to form within our carpets. It is recommended to regularly schedule your carpets to be cleaned professionally since they have the commercial tools to give each carpet the deep cleaning they need. Check out a few other reasons you should have your carpet cleaned today… by the carpet cleaning Worcester pros: Brand-Nu Janitorial.

Reason #1 – New England Weather
If you live in Worcester County then you are no stranger to the weather in the NorthEast. One day it is raining, the next snowing and the last it is nice enough to go to the beach. That is the reality of the climate in Massachusetts. However, with each of those weather forecasts brings different materials that soil our carpets. Without noticing we are tracking in sand from the beach, mud from those rainy days and unfortunately snow and salt on those tough winter days. We don’t realize how much of a toll our carpets are taking throughout the year. It’s just the reality of carpet cleaning Worcester residents have to deal with.

Reason #2 – Pets
Having pets are very joyful, but the surprises we have found deep within your carpets are not. Besides vacuuming weekly and treating the stains(that you can see); you also need to have the carpet cleaned by a professional regularly. A professional cleaning company has the equipment to make your carpets new again. They specialize in getting rid of pet hair that gets stuck deep in your carpet and removes those unpleasant odors caused by pet stains. Your pets will love our workers, and your home will love our carpet cleaning Worcester process.

Reason #3 – Allergens
We might not realize but the first place allergens and germs find a home is in our carpets. Dust particles settle into the carpets daily, which makes it very difficult for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Vacuuming can only do so much. Having a professional carpet cleaning service come in and treat your carpets is your best solution for maintaining healthy air quality that is free of allergens.

If your carpets are overdue for a deep cleaning, call us today at 508-769-3866. We have over 30 years experience bringing carpets back to life!. They don’t call us the carpet cleaning Worcester experts for nothing!


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