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Worcester County Move-In Cleaning And Disinfecting

We "Get It" When it Comes to Cleaning Emergencies...

🕙 - July 13, 2022    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

We talk about this topic a lot because, well, it’s important! It’s important folks know that when they are faced with a certain “situation” shall we call it, and it can be awkward. What we’re all about here is move-out cleanings—when you’re the new people moving in!

Could be a touchy situation… tensions are usually high when moving and stress is expected, so when you get thrown yet another curve, well, it’s good to know there’s a Worcester, Mass. cleaning team that gets it. That's because we are the experienced team that routinely gets the call for Worcester County COVID-19 cleaning, so we know exactly how to tackle this foe and come out victorious each and every time.

We get it that it could’ve been as much as a full year without the place having been cleaned. Yes. A year of dirt, grime, stink, trash… oh, and do we even need to mention the numerous germ parties that are surely raging full swing in this perfect storm of a mess?

So we get it. When we get the call first such a “once a year” cleaning from the new tenants, it’s clear what needs to be done. We achieve our most noble goal: to get everything—specifically every surface—as clean as possible, and as germ-free as possible. That is our commitment to the folks in Worcester, Ma and Worcester County who call for our help all the time. And when the issue is extreme filth and germs, well, you can rest easy knowing that we've seen it all and tackled it all.

And as for exactly what we do, here goes:

Fully clean kitchen, countertops, cabinets and drawers ~ outside/in.
Clean outside/in of oven, microwave, dishwasher and Fridge pull away from walls to clean.
Spot Or Fully Clean all walls, baseboards (move furniture If On Sliders. Careful not damage floors), doors, door frames
Wipe down & dust furniture
Clean window frames & clean windows inside/out if tilt In.
Fully clean bathrooms top to bottom and everything in between,
Tidy up laundry machines. open doors and clean lids, remove dryer lent.
High and low dust, get cobwebs out.
Clean ceiling fans, (No Light Fixture Cleaning Too Fragile.)
In whole house vacuum and wet mop all floors

What else to clean?

Clean in Basement and Garages:
Vacuum floors, stairway leading up
Wet mop if hard floors
Get cobwebs out.
Tidy up, to look clean.

And that’s how we get every surface as clean and disinfected as possible.

So if you find yourself in Worcester County, MA and wind up with a serious Worcester move-in cleaning problem, call us for the clear, clean and disinfected solution because we get it.

Call us for personal service and let the Worcester County move-in cleaners deliver expert results every time.

To text us on a smartphone, click here and we'll reply with a text. Otherwise, if you are on a regular computer, Or just give us a call at (508) 756-8707 and ask for Marguerite.


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