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Worcester Handyman Basement Remodel

Handyman Basement Remodel

🕙 - Feb. 15, 2021    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

What used to be wasted space or storage for stuff on it's long, eventual journey to the junkyard, is now livable space—or better yet—an income generating opportunity! We’re talking about Basement remodeling. Worcester handyman basement remodeling to be more specific.

Who’d have thought 50 years ago when these places may have been built they’d one day be "part of the home" let alone separate rate living quarters. But there’s a good ways to go before your average basement can be turned into a Shangri-la as they say. And so prompts the BIG QUESTION: cost factor. Great to have a new income stream but getting from point A to point B is no snap of the fingers. There are numerous considerations, workarounds and compromises—many of which cannot even begin to be determined as they are based on a situation which is largely unknown. But wait... we have a secret weapon: the Worcester Handyman Basement Remodel expert. That’s right. Experience and communication are the benefits. Experience in all sorts of similar basement remodel situations, plus the readiness and availability to communicate directly, often and promptly about every aspect of the job. That's the handyman edge.

Let us get this space usable: We can Paint, add flooring – tiles, laminate, hardwood... etc.; Add cabinets or paint existing ones, add new pulls, doors, windows, and trims; frame out the room and install drywall. Maybe you need a new bulkhead installed. Big and small repairs can be done as well. When it's nice out, like May-Sept., we can take care of the exterior of your home so that any work we do on the basement compliments and works smoothly with the current exterior of the structure, if necessary. Things like add siding to single story houses, or strip and re-add roofing shingles – 3 tab or architectural shingles. Whatever it takes to make it look great.

And this is just the short story of what we can do for you. Experience, references and past jobs are things that make the big difference.

The handyman strategy could be the thing that allows you to really turn your tired, dingy basement into whatever kind of livable, useful space you want starting with an estimate that won’t frighten you out of doing the entire project.

Give us a call, (508) 756-8707, or complete a short online form here and we’ll reply promptly to get started on getting you a clearer picture of the Worcester handyman basement remodel options available to you.


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