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COVID Cleaning Service Worcester and Smart Bacteria

COVID Cleaning and Multi-Tasking Bacteria

🕙 - Jan. 17, 2021    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Did you know that bacteria can think and also multitask? And biologists have no clear idea how they do it.

Bacteria can find it's way through a maze. And they can transport "food" from one area of itself to another. And science doesn't fully understand how they are doing this. So it got me to thinking… How can we—a little old cleaning company in Worcester MA, take this oddball piece pf knowledge and use it to enhance our COVID Cleaning Service Worcester efforts? After all, we're in the bacteria business, so we figure there's got to be a way to leverage this tidbit of info to the benefit of our customers...

If bacteria can "think", then all we have to do is teach it to leave town, right? Maybe it’s smart enough to read a map. A map to the local dump! Think of the great promo video that would be for our COVID Cleaning Service Worcester efforts: our cleaning team pied-pipering the bacteria as it marches all by itself up to—and finally into the dumpster!

Seriously though, all that stuff about bacteria is true. And one other little bacteria factoid: bacteria never sleeps. We know. We checked it out. Stayed up all night once measuring it's growth, and sure enough—all night long bacteria was proliferating. Take our word for it. We didn't get to be the COVID Cleaning Service Worcester calls most by not knowing all this esoteric stuff about, dirt, bacteria and such. When we say we're pros, when we say we are literally clean freaks, THIS is what it means.

Learning that about bacteria really put a fire under us here at the home base—"Cleaning Central Data/Activity Command Post" to be more specific. Deemed a critical top-level development, this revelation about bacteria’s nocturnal indifference changes BOTH EVERYTHING and NOTHING.

EVERYTHING in the sense that we now label bacteria as public enemy #1; and NOTHING in that we already COVID clean and COVID disinfect to the level of fanaticism, so to combat this ever-awake foe, we firmly believe the best offense is a solid defense, or is it the other way around…? NO MATTER. We use 5-Star, brute cleaning force to achieve COVID Cleaning Service Worcester results unmatched anywhere. Nothing on earth can withstand the pummeling we unleash upon our enemy: Dirt, and it’s close relatives, grime, grease, and of course, the aforementioned bacteria.

To teach dirt the real "rules of engagement", call the local bacteria annihilators today for the type of COVID Cleaning Worcester bacteria fears most: (508) 756-8707.


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