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All Things Dirt and It's Removal By Way Of Grafton Janitorial Service

🕙 - Nov 12, 2019    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Glad you're back to the place—the ONLY PLACE—the best place that deals with the "dirt" on dirt so to speak. The place where the dirtier you are, the more attention you get from us. The best place to call for prompt Grafton Janitorial Service professionals.

The place where if you're dirt, you can run, but you can't hide. You can't hide from our expert dirt-tacklers. You know, the people who've sworn a solid oath to uphold the laws of cleanliness, shininess and everything it entails.

We're the kind of people for whom the thought of "If I were dirt, where would I hide?" is not an unusual thought. After all, we are dirt's worst nightmare. We are the humans who spend much more than a fleeting thought to dirt's very survival. We do this for the very love of all things clean and we are proud to offer Grafton Janitorial Service appointments whose sole purpose is to give dirt new home far, far away.

We know we will never kill it, but we can certainly get it out of town and lock it up... for a while anyway. But it's a clever little foe, that dirt. It manages to escape right back where it started. Though we're pretty certain it is in fact different dirt than that we had previously removed. Dirt does NOT have a serial number, and thank God for that! So you see, these are just some of the unusual dirt-related thoughts we have as we're dealing with this elusive foe all the time. When folks call us "clean freaks", we say "thank you very much" for putting us in the category of Shrewsbury's best cleaners! Simply calling oneself the Grafton Janitorial Service puts some measure of fear into the very heart of dirt. It hears our name and you can almost hear it shake in it's boots because it know it's days are numbered.

Now, take Grime. A totally different animal than plain old dirt. People typically tend to think of dirt as dry--and rightly so, while grime has some amount of moisture to it. Too much information maybe? Perhaps. But it only shows that we are indeed experts in the subject, and that expertise leads us to the real enemy: bacteria.

Bacterial dirt sometimes known as fungus is yet a third more hideous type of dirt that has a mind of it's own. It does what it wants and all we can do is contain it. And if we have to brag a little, we are quite good at it because of the three major dirt types, it is the one which can do the most harm, so it's to our advantage to be able to point out that as the Grafton Janitorial Service most folks call, we know our stuff. It's also the one "dirt type" that is most notorious for hiding in the "where the heck are you" spots. Those places that start out unseen until the moldy fungus starts it's trek into daylight. But we know where it's hiding in the first place, so it rarely gets a chance to ever see daylight. All in a day's work of DGF Managagement. That woud be Dirt/Grime/Fungus for you laypeople.

So far we've just touched on the intrinsic nature of dirt in a few of it's many forms. But in order to effectively "get down and dirty" on what we do to maintain absolute control over dirt, you really have to get to know our tools. That, we will have to leave to another post, another day. In the meantime, here's a quick example of some cleaning benefits such fanaticism delivers.

While we can talk all day about dirt, one must remember: Dirt Never Sleeps! So as we're yacking away on how we tame dirt, it's sitting somewhere laughing at us. So, with that, gotta go...


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