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Eek a Mouse!

Mouse Droppings Cleanup Worcester

🕙 - June 22, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Cleaning up after Mice

Mouse droppings are spindle-shaped and are approximately the size of a grain of rice. Certain mouse species transmit diseases and viruses through their droppings, urine and saliva. For total worry-free living, call the expert rodent cleanup Worcester folks have found to be their favorite: Brand-Nu Janitorial.

All surfaces that have come into contact with mice or excrement should be thoroughly disinfected. Mouse droppings and debris should be carefully picked up and disposed of with sturdy nonabsorbent gloves. An OSHA-approved respirator with functioning cartridges should be worn. It also is advised that clothing worn during cleaning be thrown away immediately afterward. The rodent cleanup Worcester residents call first do still more to protect you and your family. Read on... (don't worry, the mice aren't watching!)

Spray any urine, mice droppings, and nesting materials with either a disinfectant and water solution or a household disinfectant prepared according to the label instructions for dilution and disinfection time. Soak well. This will inactivate any virus. Use a paper towel or rag to pick up the materials and dispose of them. It is important not to sweep mouse droppings until you soak them down. You do not want to release airborne virus particles into the air. Dispose of any towels or cloths that come into contact with feces or the surfaces of an infested room. Gloves should be disposed of, and it is suggested that the hands be washed several times after any mouse droppings cleanup. Don’t want to deal with the mess? Call Us: (508) 756-8707! Rodent cleanup Worcester has never been easier and safer. Show those mice poop delivery beasts who's boss!

Place all contaminated and cleaning materials in plastic trash bags that seal tightly. Each plastic trash bag should be sealed tightly inside yet another plastic trash bag. Dispose of trash in landfills or outdoor garbage bins. Hands should be washed thoroughly and the newly cleaned area should be exposed to fresh air and sunshine for a number of hours.

4 Diseases Caused by Rodent Droppings

The CDC recently posted an article on their website that explained the dangers that rodents can cause to your home and your health. We often talk in our blogs about the unsanitary conditions and the property damage that a rodent infestation can lead to but we rarely discuss the health risks that are involved.

Rodents, such as mice and rats, can leave droppings that can spread bacteria, contaminate food, and cause allergic reactions. Rodent droppings, aka: mouse poop, aka: mice poop—nasty under any name—can also spread diseases and viruses such as the following:

Let Us Clean Up After Mouse Infestation

Mice may carry bacteria, viruses and other diseases. As a result, cleaning efforts following an infestation must be cautiously attempted. Need help? Call Us Today!

Deer mice are the primary transmitters of hantavirus, although other rodents such as white-footed mice, cotton rats, and rice rats may also be carriers. This virus can be fatal and is found within the deer mouse’s feces, urine and saliva. Hantavirus is transmitted to humans through airborne particles, and symptoms are similar to those of the common flu. However, individuals with this virus must seek medical attention immediately upon recognition.

Please don’t take chances with the health of you or your loved ones. Call the professional rodent cleanup Worcester folks have founds to be the most reliable.  If you have a rodent problem, contact Brand-Nu Janitorial Service to get rid of it!


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