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Paxton House Cleaners Talk About Scent

🕙 - February 12, 2020    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Did you know aromas can trigger some of the most powerful memories?

Let’s Talk About Scent

The olfactory senses can summon deep, rich memories and drive emotions to the surface in very mysterious ways. And you would expect the popular Paxton House Cleaners we are to know this... and we do.

Then, take it the other direction, and you have funky smells. Evolution has designed it such that those smells drive us away. So we don’t eat— much less get too friendly with things that stink. All wonderfully “designed” by evolution. Did evolution know that one day there would be professional Paxton House Cleaners using this knowledge to their advantage? Perhaps so.

Now, conceptualize this: imagine if you could use that power to your advantage. Wait… you can!

Let’s start with the simple stuff: a clean-smelling bathroom. Is there nothing truly as comforting? Even though you may not leave it smelling that way when you’re done (!!), the scent going in is still just as welcoming. Another tactic we've perfected which only adds to our reputation as the hands-down favorite Paxton House Cleaners in town—or anywhere local for that matter.

Or a clean laundry room. You know it. Stop reading for a couple of seconds right now and close your eyes and conjure up that pleasing scent for a moment. The clean, warm towels… the warm socks on a chilly morning. Pretty good, huh? Yeah... we didn't get to be the pros we are without getting all the little things that make a great Paxton House Cleaners down pat all right.

How about this one: you open the fridge and it’s like you walked into a fresh garden after a spring shower. Top that! Yeah, yeah… it all depends on fresh food, but even still—if any of that food goes south, there goes your aromatic edge.

So it goes both ways. A clean environment puts a spring on your step, but while a funky fridge or a stinky sink won’t hurt you, it’s certainly not joyful or inspiring, that’s for sure.

But worry not of all the nasal nasties when you call us to do the dirty work. We’ll clean from top to bottom such that all of those wonderful aromas will displace the bland or otherwise unwanted scents in your environment. In other words, we clean so well, so thoroughly, that all those welcomed smells are more than happy to return and stay for awhile. Now THAT'S the reason you call the top Paxton House Cleaners to come to your home or business and turn it into a showroom for pleasant aromas. Call today: (508) 756-8707. We've got a nose for clean.


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