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Cleaning Your House Worcester

Six Professional Secrets to Cleaning Your House

🕙 - May 18, 2017    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Throughout our years of cleaning houses all of our professional cleaners have brainstormed together to give you a few cleaning secrets that we have picked up over time. Each cleaning tip will save you time and money to get your cleaning done right by cleaning your house Worcester style!

  1. - Removing Rust Stains
    Rust stains not only can age items, but are hard to look at as well. Common places rust can be found are on patio furniture, porches/balconies, window housings, and driveways. One of our favorite secrets to remove rust is using lemon. The strong acid from the juice in the lemon will actually take the rust stains right away. Simply cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice onto the rust stain and let it soak in for about 7-10 minutes. Then rinse off the lemon juice with water to see rust-free results. Like everything else, rust too loves Worcester! That’s why it is important when cleaning your house Worcester rust is kept at bay.

  2. – Create a Cleaning Organizer
    We all have our favorite cleaning solutions and once you find them, you stick to them! The easiest way to tackle cleaning your house Worcester tasks is to have all your favorite cleaning solutions together in one place. Buying an organizer or caddy to place brushes, rags and various sprays will make cleaning your home that much easier since all of your favorite cleaning items will be stored in one place. This will allow you to grab your supplies and go to each room without a fuss.

  3. – Follow a Schedule
    Cleaning the house doesn’t always make it to our clients priority lists, but we are very happy to help them get the job done with a smile. The clients that do successfully handle their house cleaning say they live by a schedule. Most state that if they don’t plan it, then it will not get done. With that being said, allot sometime on your calendar to dedicate to cleaning your house Worcester locals would find pleasing. This way you can grab your cleaning caddy/organizer and tackle those cleaning tasks without them being long overdue.
    You can even take the schedule one step further and create a cleaning checklist. This method will keep you focused on one task at a time and will ensure everything gets completed on your list.
  4. – Getting Rid of Pet Odors
    Removing pet odors is one of the most common requests we receive from home owners. We all love our pets, but the accidents that they leave around do take a toll on the overall cleanliness of households.
    One great secret to remove unwanted pet odors is to spray needed areas with white vinegar. Then sprinkle baking soda over the vinegar saturated area and let it dry. Once dry, you can sweep away the extra baking soda that never dried. This strategy is used to actually pull the order out of the affected area.
  5. – Set The Tone
    Cleaning can be boring, but with music is makes it a lot funner. Turn on your favorite music at a loud tone that will get your body moving… and get cleaning. It is sure to get you pumped up. It always works for us!
  6. – Use It and Then Move It
    Our last secret is to not let messes and clutter pile up around your house until your scheduled cleaning. Make sure you are picking up after yourself daily around the house and directing other household members to do the same. Simple tasks like throwing your old newspapers out when you are done with them or tossing junk mail makes a big difference in the appearance of your home.

Let the experts deal with cleaning your house Worcester style for the cleanest home in the neighborhood!


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