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Keeping It Super Simple For Boylston Cleaning Customers

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🕙 - May 3, 2021    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Courtesy and professional office cleaning staff. Awesome cleaning everyday. Like it should be.

Simple and to the point.

Sometimes we get so busy articulating all of the nuances of what we do, we forget a cardinal rule:

KISS: Keep It Super Simple.

So with that in mind, we're going back to basics. Back to our roots. You know, old school. Where we came from... what started it all. That whole tale. Retold for our Boylston Cleaning customers and prospects.

We've been missing a great opportunity to just outline the primary services that we offer and the “how and why” it matters to folks in Worcester.

Janitorial service is part of our name and it is our legacy. We grew up on cleaning offices and light manufacturing facilities all the way down to the funky nasty bathrooms that you'd look at and go... 'nah... I think I'll wait until I get home' and routinely turned them into an oasis in a storm! It ain't the Ritz, but hey, you're only visiting. And if you've ever seen the 'before picture' of one these dump stations, you'd really appreciate this type of improvement! And that's just one way of keeping our Boylston Cleaning customers happy.

But onto more shiny things like windows, mirrors, break rooms, etc. To those we say 'Check, check, check, etc.'

As with everything, there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. And what separates the two is simple: experience.

Experience in the details of how best to do a task which includes taking into account the methods that folks in high-stress environments expect things to be done. Taken care of. You know, like so 'done' no one has to even think about it. This makes their work easier and their tasks more efficient. And we are 100% on board with that thanks to years of experience in the medical facility cleaning business.

Then there are the people for whom 'good' is not enough. Good is fine if you're happy with average. We strive for GREAT every chance we get because we have a reputation to uphold! So along with our Boylston Cleaning friends, we too are among those for whom GREAT is the way to go.

It's funny how once you start to get noticed and complimented on your work, it adds another layer of pride into the task. Folks are always telling us how great a job we just did, and it really puts a spring in our collective step and pushes us to not ever let anyone down.

After all, being the best is something that we're quite proud of and we want to stay king of the hill! So grab your phone and text us here for a free estimate, or telling us what you need done and we'll be there with the team that gets all the compliments! And if you're a phone person, just give us a call at (508) 756-8707 and ask for Marguerite.


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