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Now You See It... Now You Don't - Westborough Janitorial Service Magic

🕙 - Oct 18, 2019    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

People come up to us all the time and say "How do you do it?" They mean, how do we make it look so easy! How do we just waltz in, make the dirt disappear and "sneak out" with the dirt in tow—often times unseen, unheard. People often say to us: "Is that magic?" We laugh and say "You bet it is!" It's Westborough Janitorial Service magic!

It's magic because we love what we do. We love turning a messy, dirty place, sparkly clean again. And after awhile, we start to challenge ourselves. We hit our peak and just when we think we're going to zoom past it and hit a new personal record... we get caught... caught by another customer who says "Hey... is that magic? How do you do that so well?" And we laugh and say... "You bet it is!" And on it goes like that!

The real magic behind what we do so well is the "Now you see, it now you don't" aspect. We know all the little places where dirt hides and we know how to magically coax it out into our buckets! The fact that we have perfected the REAL MAGIC TRICK of getting in and out of the places we clean almost unnoticed is the fun part. You've seen those commercials where the maid is hiding behind the curtain, well, we're not THAT sneaky! But we're real quiet, real quick, while ALSO being very, very effective and we tailor our services to meet your needs. Hence the comparison to magic. Or, shall we say, Westborough Janitorial Service Magic! When we do "get caught" by the customer it's always because they didn't even know we were there in the building cleaning! Now THAT'S magic!

Clearly, it's the "now you see it" dirt, grime and general funk everywhere that we so artfully turn into the "now you don't" that conjures up the imagery of magic. When really it's just using good old elbow grease we deploy to pull the clean out of the dirty... the shiny out of the dull... the gleam out of the grime... the fresh scent out of the nasty funk. But hey... if folks want to call it magic, go right ahead! We're just happy we can deliver a service where we can demonstrate the benefits of a clean environment. Just let us know if you're going to start selling tickets to the "cleaning magic show" because we want a cut... a piece of the action! If the show ends up being called the "Westborough Janitorial Service Magic Show", we expect to get top billing!

But you know what? If they actually filmed our people doing a real, live Westborough Janitorial Service cleaning job, you know, like they do in those "catch a ghost" reality shows, they wouldn't find any real magic because after all, we're just hard working cleaner people, not magicians. We have secrets and tips for cleaning, but we're just regular people not reality TV stars. But one thing they will certainly say is this: "Who sped up the film?" because our people work so fast! (Gotcha...)


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