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Worcester Mouse Poop Cleanup

In Kitchens, Basements and Garages

🕙 - August 14, 2023    👤 Brand-Nu Janitorial

Dishes done. Laundry done. Time to relax… until…. They’re baaaaaaaack!!!

Mice. Just when you thought kitty had it under control. More droppings. We’re not exterminators, BUT, exterminators don’t do cleanup! So who ya’ gonna’ call??

It’s important to thoroughly clean the pooped-up area because that’s how future rodents know it’s a good hiding spot. Or a good feeding spot. Or a good breeding spot. Maybe a place to start a nice little family... OH NOI!

And it’s icky. And it’s gross. And it’s germ-ridden and who knows what else. We say don’t bother with at. Just give us a call and we'll get rid of all the mouse poop anywhere in your home and clean will be the result. Clean AND disinfected. We're a great way to keep your home or office spiffy—rodents or not.

Germaphobes know best: mouse droppings are foul. About the only plus is they’re small. BUT IT'S STILL POOP! In your cabinets… mouse poop under your sink... in your kitchen drawers… mouse poop along the baseboards…. etc. While there are no "good places" for mouse poop, anywhere near food and/or food prep is completely unacceptable. You need the ultimate Worcester mouse poop cleanup professionals on the job.

It doesn’t stop there. Garages strewn with mouse poop: we get rid of it and leave a clean usable space in it's place. We'll also do a little bit of de-cluttering as we go along because who couldn't use a little more space in their place?

Kudos to Disney for making a mouse so popular because I for one thoroughly despise the little rodent menace. They have the whole of outdoors to live peacefully. Why my house? Why my cupboard? Whatever they did before we came along I would urge them to go back to doing ASAP. THAT SAID... call us, the Worcester mouse poop cleanup experts, to get rid of the crap they leave behind.

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